1) Review Completed Book Example (5 minutes, on your own)

If you haven't already, review the completed book example to give you a better idea of what a completed book looks like. (Click the full page icon to see a larger version of the book.)

2) Draft Your Six-Word Memoir(s) and Backstory (30-45 minutes, with your students)

Printable practice sheets for your students before they create their memoirs in the templates provided.

Download Worksheets

3) Make Your Book (30-45 minutes, with your students)

Fill in cover, title, and dedication pages, share the Book Creation Template with your entire class, curate your memoirs and backstories, then share the template back with us!

Make Copy of Book TemplateMake Copy of Lesson Plan

**Sign in to your Google account before making a  copy.**

lesson by Jino from the Noun Project

Celebration Day Prep!

  • Share your completed teacher template with hello@sixinschools.com.
  • Let us know your book order start date and end date.
  • We’ll send you your book order landing page and order handout by your start date.
  • All ordered books are shipped to your class for Celebration day!

Happy creating!