Six-Words for Administrators

Bring Six-Word Memoirs to your school!

Six-Word Memoirs provide a flexible, adaptable writing format that can be used in any K-12 learning environment to increase writing confidence, amplify social emotional learning, and help all students find their writing voice.

What’s a Six-Word Memoir?

Writing in six words is a creative way to catalyze conversation, spark imagination, and boil big ideas down to their essence.

Here’s what a peak at what students have written:

Finally learned “weird” is a compliment.

Autistic brothers give the best hugs.

Mom just revoked my creative license.

It is very, very, very, complicated.

The Book Creation Process:

Six in Schools has created ready-made lesson plans that empower teachers and students to turn their Six-Word Memoirs into a classroom book. This book creation process is free to participants, and every classroom that designs a book receives one complimentary copy. Our only request is that teachers give parents the opportunity to buy a copy of the classroom book by passing along an online purchase link.

At times, teachers and administrators have inquired about the possibility of making a bulk book purchase so that every student can receive their own copy of their published book. Our team is happy to facilitate these purchases. If you’re interested, email Tyler:

Our Commitment to Students

We love helping students share their stories. And we take the privacy of each student author seriously. You can read more about our student privacy here.

Our publishing team is committed to student privacy, and has accommodated a variety of requests from teachers and administrators.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email. Our team is always happy to give you more information about our book publishing process and privacy policies, or to answer any questions you might have.

Email: Hello@SixInSchools

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